Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Beautiful Jewish Year

Hello nice people who still visit Kosher Whine!

In case anyone was wondering what happened with KosherCop's campaign to get a cat, I can tell you he won. In fact he won big - I was just about worn down and willing to get one adult cat, slightly used, previously owned. But right at that point I made the mistake of visiting our friends' brand new tiny 8 week old fluffy little kittens. And suddenly KosherCook's assertion that you should always get 2 kittens to keep each other company made perfect sense.

Within a couple of weeks we found these 2 crazy kits:
Chickpea and Nemo - May 2012
Nemo snuggling Chickpea - November 2012
These cats are REALLY attached to each other!

They are a lot of fun and EXTREMELY patient with KosherCop, and they do entertain each other.

They destroy the house, though - literally - Nemo crawled up into the basement ceiling and brought half of it crashing down.

Anyway, just a quick update on the cats. But, the real reason I wanted to post here is to let you know I've started a new project for 2013:
My Beautiful Jewish Year.

It's a year-long project to finally organize our lives, based on the idea that the reason my efforts over the last 20 years have failed is because they weren't focused on Shabbat and the Jewish holidays.

It's just getting started, but I have lots of plans, downloads and crafts coming, so I hope you'll check it out!

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