Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Update on "Jewish Living" Magazine

So way back in November I wrote about how I was so excited to get my free trial issue of Jewish Living Magazine.

Well, first I received one invoice, then another - this time warning that my subscription would be discontinued if I didn't pay - but still no magazine. Finally, at the end of January I sent an email to customer service asking what the deal was. I received a reply and apology and was promised the next available issue.

More time went by...still no magazine. I debated sending another email, but opted for tossing out the invoices they continued sending and giving up hope of ever receiving it.

Suddenly, this past Friday (31/2 months later) I received my free trial issue! I couldn't believe it. E. thought I went crazy as I jumped up and down and screamed! Until...I noticed it was the January/February issue with feature stories on Tu B'Shvat. Hmm. Wasn't that a while ago? Shouldn't I be getting an issue about Purim and Pesach at this late date?

I read the magazine and I enjoyed it, although I didn't find it particularly inspirational. Probably because Tu B'Shvat has passed and E. is too little for sleep away camp - another feature article. But, it was pretty much what I was expecting.

I feel compelled to subscribe because I would like to support this concept. However, I'm skeptical about their ability to deliver the magazine in a timely fashion if I send them my money.


  1. Good morning Chaya! So nice to see a post from you, have missed you and hope all is well. I had a similar situation with a magazine that I love the concept and hope it flies....but waiting to send $ for a subscription...It is called "Organized living", I believe. A wonderful concept, very well done....just not rock solid. Keeping my fingers crossed for both magazines, as I am a real magazine junkie.
    Best to you,

  2. Hi Cathy,
    Everything is fine - thanks for asking - just really busy (should make for some interesting posts in the near future). I think I've seen that Organized Living magazine - one of the many organizing books/magazines I have to restrain myself from buying. I love reading about organizing - just can't seem to get organized!

  3. Too bad about Jewish Living. I saw a copy at a friend's house, and it looked like an interesting concept. Hope they get their act together.

  4. Hi Chaya - My name is Dan Zimerman and I'm the founder of Jewish Living. Though we have over 25,000 subscribers even one misses issue or late arrival is one too many.

    Please feel free to send me your mailing information and I'll put the latest Passover issue in the mail for you. You - or any of your readers - can reach me directly at dzimerman@zspublishing.com any time.

    Please forgive our growing pains

    I look forward to your thoughts as we continue to shape the magazine from issue to issue.

    Best regards -

  5. Does anyone know whether I can get back issues of Jewish Living? I only discovered it the other day at a local bookstore and can't get them to provide back issues all the way from the US! (Would anyone be prepared to send me their copies to Melbourne Australia, if they don't want them any more?)
    Jen in Oz



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