Thursday, July 5, 2007

How Long Have We Had These?

Recently, Leo found this great can of peaches at the supermarket. We both think they look like they're leftovers from 40 or 50 years ago. But with a UPC symbol on the back, that is clearly not the case.

I was having trouble getting a good photo of them with our ever-disappointing camera (although I do love how Henry is in the background). So I was searching the web hoping to find an Early Garden website and I stumbled onto AFILER!
This site has lots of photos of outdated retro looking products you can still find on supermarket shelves - not because they are past their sellby date, but because they are examples of "Extant Design."


  1. UPC labels came in sometime during the late seventies, as I recall. That would date your can of peaches to about 30 years or so. I hope you're not disappointed.

    Thanks for your story just now at indeterminacy. (I'll read and comment after I've written mine).

  2. ViviLulu - where have you been?

    I tagged you on my site. Come take a look!



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