Monday, May 17, 2010

Fabulous Shavuot Finds

I spent today thinking about all of the wonderful additions I want to someday make to this blog, and couldn't wait to get home to start them. Of course life intruded and now it is midnight.

So instead I'm just going to share a hodge podge of fun Shavuot finds I came across. (As well as a few KosherCop tidbits, of course.)

Strawberry Rhubarb Blintzes Recipe
Today was the first day of our CSA delivery for the season and as usual this time of year, we received rhubarb. One of our members was nice enough to post a recipe from for Strawberry Rhubarb Blintzes.

Creative Jewish Mom
I have been all over the blogasphere looking for Jewish craft blogs and haven't had much luck...until today. I discovered Creative Jewish Mom which has tons of great craft tutorials for Jewish holidays. I love these cupcake paper carnations! Too bad I waited until the last minute and can't possibly festoon the house with paper flowers before the holiday starts tomorrow night.
For everything kosher, check out They have a kosher cheese update for Shavuot as well as
kosher deals and a project called “Culinary Heirlooms” which will highlight readers contributions of beloved handwritten recipe cards (I have a few in my mother's handwriting that are all stained and frayed, but I love them), advice, photos, etc.

KosherCop Updates
KosherCop brought home all of his Shavuot projects from school today, which include this vegetable placemat and Ten Commandments that are written in kid-friendly terms that a six year-old can understand:
  1. There is only one G-d
  2. Do not bow down to idols
  3. Use G-d's name only when you need to
  4. Rest on Shabbat
  5. Listen to Ima and Aba (Mom and Dad)
  6. Use words, not hands
  7. Be good friends
  8. Do not take what does not belong to you
  9. Tell exactly what happened
  10. Be happy with your own toys
Mother's Day
Backing up a bit, I received a big pile of presents for Mother's Day - all handmade in school as well. There was this beautiful card with a hebrew poem that made me cry:

Mommy, precious to me
Mommy, precious to me,
Precious mommy.
Mommy, precious to me,
Precious mommy.
My precious mommy,
Loves me very much,
Loves me very much.

I will smile at you,
I will smile,
I will smile at you,
I will smile,
I will sing a little song about you,
Because I love you,
I love you.

I had to search for the translation and found it here along with a recording of the song.

In case it isn't clear - that is KosherCop on the left inside the heart and I'm on the right.

But wait there's more: I also received a matching photo clip and box - both decorated in my absolute favorite of all kid mediums - faux stained glass ala tissue paper!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Hag Sameach!

PS - I apologize from the bottom of my little designer's heart for the truly atrocious photo layouts on this post. The photo editor has become rather difficult to manage in Blogger and I just can't make it any better at this hour.

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