Saturday, August 1, 2009

Backwards Dinner and Too Many Phone Calls

Tonight I had a really good idea. The first one. Ever.

At least that's what I've been told.

Then I was called a "dork who likes boxes." I love being a Mom.

For some reason I was feeling rebellious this evening. As Shabbat was coming to an end I was asked what was for dinner. I suggested ice cream.

KosherCop immediately said, "Mommy, that is a really good idea you have. The first one, really."

KosherCook looked disapprovingly at the two of us. But it was two against one so off we went to Baskin-Robbins.

Before we left the house I asked KosherCop to wash his hands, since he had been playing at the playground. He was cupping his ear with his hand and I thought he had gotten a mosquito bite. No. Apparently he was talking on his cell phone. His imaginary cell phone.
KosherCop: I'm talking to Miss Pinky on my cell phone.
Me: Well put her on hold and go wash your hands.
KosherCop: My phone doesn't have a hold button. If I put her on hold it will explode.
Me: Alright - just tell her excuse me and put the phone down.
Then, as a good Mom should I added,"But for goodness sake - don't get the phone wet!"

The entire way to the ice cream store KosherCop was on the "phone" - and complaining that he couldn't get any peace - "Oy, another call. Why won't everyone just leave me alone!"
Me: You could just turn it off you know.
But no, he continued talking - a long conversation with his friend "The Bug King" about how another friend's imaginary pet tarantula was having tarantula babies. I was shocked and asked if this child's mother knew. Too late - she was already bitten by one. But she was the one who got the tarantula in the first place, apparently.

Well, she got what she deserved then didn't she?

I've clearly lost my mind.

So we had our ice cream and then of course we all decided we wanted dinner. The only thing that could delight KosherCop more than ice cream for dinner was dinner for dessert.

After "dessert" we decided to go to our favorite place - The Container Store - which was surprisingly still open. This was not a popular choice with KosherCop and he grumbled all the way there about how it wouldn't be any fun.

Then when he got inside he said, "Oh sure, if you want to be one of those dorks who likes boxes!"

Hi. My name is Chaya and I'm a dork who likes boxes.


  1. I'm a dork that likes boxes too! And ice cream. May I come over?

  2. You would be most welcome! Call us on your imaginary cell phone before you leave. (-;



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