Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Firefly Buddies

Fireflies! They are everywhere!

If you happened to see this article on fireflies this past weekend in the Washington Post you would know that we have had terrific weather for fireflies to come out and play. And they are out in droves.

KosherCop has finally discovered the joys of catching lightning bugs and has been out every night over the last week and a half - first to catch them in a jar, then just to run with them.

Most recently he has taken to running screaming through the front yard at top volume, "Aaaah! My firefly buddies! I love you! Come back firefly - my little buddy!"

Last night we tried attracting them with a flashlight. I felt kind of bad - I think one of them fell in love with it. Poor unrequited firefly love.

A few weeks ago when I finally found a sharp enough object to make holes in the lid of the jar, I let KosherCop catch some and bring them inside for the night.

About an hour after he went to sleep I was on the phone and noticed a little firefly on the bedroom door. I went out and took a head count. Three. One had in fact escaped. Apparently I made the holes too big in the top. I returned the little firefly to captivity and wondered who'd be left by morning.

Apparently only that one was smart enough to find his way out. He was gone again by morning, at which time we set them free. Mister escape artist turned up a day or two later - dead by the back door.

If only he knew where we kept the key.

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