Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Mania

Hurry! There are only a few shopping days left until KosherCop's birthday. Only 185 to be exact.

It's 6 months out and KosherCop is already talking about his next birthday party. To be fair, he actually started planning it as soon as his friends left his last party in September. But, we hadn't heard about for several months.

Now, fueled on by the sugar-coated memories of Goof Girl's in-school birthday party, KosherCop is back on track and has a clear creative vision of what the next birthday party should entail.

On Tuesday he presented his plan. I have to admit I don't remember all of it. That's mostly due to the fact that he opened with "all the kids will come to our house" and I started blacking out - even as I considered the possibility that there may still be tuna fish in the piano from his last party.

On Wednesday he interrupted his own story he had begged to tell me, to let me know that his next birthday cake would need to be a train cake again - with 2 layers - one chocolate and the other vanilla. And that he expected me to make it.

But tonight he outdid himself. He must have figured out by my previous lack of enthusiasm that this whole birthday planning project might require a little more finesse. So he took a whole new tack.

We had just arrived at the synagogue for evening minyan (my mother's yartzeit is today so I was there to say Kaddish) and the parking lot was full due to a 6th grade performance of "Fiddler on the Roof" already in progress.

KosherCook let us out so he could go look for a parking space. As we were getting out of the car, commiserating about the yuckiness of the rain, KosherCop suddenly says, "As long as we were speaking about my birthday..."

"Actually, we weren't speaking about your birthday," I told him.

"Oh," KosherCop paused thoughtfully and then continued, "well, as long as you mentioned it, let me tell you what I want for my next party..."

Of course I never heard what it was because I was laughing too loud to hear him.

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