Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almost Spring!

Hello! Is anyone still there?

I seem to have been hibernating for the last 4 months. But, now it is almost spring and I've decided to poke my head up from my cave and start writing again.

The last few months have been very busy - mostly with getting ready for CSA season.

However, there have been some hilarious KosherCop moments along the way.

KosherCop has made big leaps in both creative and emotional growth over the last few months. We took his baby dresser out of his room and put in a big boy desk. So now he spends much of his time coloring and drawing. There have also been stories and interpretive dances (more on these later).

However, along with this increase in creativity came an increase in sensitivity.

We get a lot of "Fine! Then I guess you hate me!" if we say no about anything. There have been a lot of tears over the fact that none of us live forever and the possibility of his having to leave home someday (in the interest of him ever going to bed at night we've agreed he can live at home forever - for now anyway). There were also a few nights when he burst into tears as I sang him Oyfn Pripetchik (the Yiddish lulluby I've been singing to him since he was born) because he was overwhelmed by the beauty of the song, or how much he loves his Mommy, or the song made him sad.

And then there's his vocabulary.

KosherCook has been teaching him SAT words - the "Word of the Day" posted on the High School marquee they pass on the way to KosherCop's school. Some days he remembers them; other days he has forgotten them by the time I come home from work. And then some he actually learns and incorporates into his everyday conversations. Like the day KosherCook answered me for the 10millionth time with, "Eh, I don't know, maybe, I guess." KosherCop heard him and said, "That was a pretty tepid response, Daddy."


  1. I checked on a whim! Boy am I glad I did! You've been missed! Glad to see you!



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