Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quick Updates

Things are quite hectic and stressful right now, so just a few quick updates:

We finally chose cellphones and they arrived last week. It turned out after all the times Verizon lied to us and said we HAD to change our plan if we got new phones, that just wasn't true. Although, in a surprise head-exploding twist, during the TWO HOURS I spent on the phone with them trying to get the phones activated they tried one more time to tell me I had to upgrade the plan in order to use them. Luckily KosherCook was standing by and blew his stack, demanding to yell at someone. I very sweetly asked the very nice customer service kid I'd been speaking to if there was someone there my husband could yell at. Magically, after another half hour on hold he got back on and said his supervisor had been able to activate the phone.

After the long drawn out production of choosing cellphones, I decided to stick with what I have agenda-wise. So I purchased the 2009 Junior Levenger Agenda and Monthly Tabs. I tried to oogle the espresso Circa Jacket, but they didn't have it in yet. (Did I mention I work 3 minutes from one of the few Levenger stores on the East Coast? For Levenger fanatics this will inspire deep shades of green envy. For the longest time every time I went in there they gave me free stuff too.)

Last week we celebrated "Happy Dry Underpants Day!" in honor of KosherCop sleeping through the night in underpants - that stayed dry. Yes, he's kind of old for such a milestone, but I hear it is not uncommon. We had a special evening out for him - pizza and ice cream at Rockville Town Center. He really enjoyed it and was completely entranced by a street musician playing the "fiddle." He kept wanting to throw more money in his violin case and performed a delightful "Statue of Liberty" dance to the music.

Unfortunately, the celebration was somewhat premature, as I had to get up at least once, sometimes twice every night the rest of the week to change pajamas and sheets. It was very cute however - over the weekend we had a guest over who mentioned he needed to get going to deal with a flood in his house. KosherCop very earnestly sympathized and said, "I sometimes have leaks too - in my bed at night."

Well, that's it for now. Back to my midnight attempt to take care of the 20 things I left undone the past 3 weeks, so I can freely go back to worrying about the things I need to do in the next 3 weeks.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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