Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tastes Like Chicken?

Yesterday afternoon I was completely exhausted.

KosherCook had been napping for a few hours so I woke him up and stole his spot. Unfortunately, KosherCop badgered me to get up for most of the time I was "napping" so eventually I gave in to his demands to get up and be in the livingroom with him.

I laid down on the couch instead - on top of his bear blanket. (This is a teddy bear whose top and bottom halves are interrupted by a furry square of blanket.) Once he realized, he started grabbing it out from under me. Since grabbing was just another in a long line of infractions over the last few days, I started teasing him and refused to let him have it.

Finally, he started getting upset and his willingness to treat our tug-of-war as a game started to give way to genuine concern - for the bear blanket:

"You have to get off of him! He's going to throw up!"

"He's going to throw up? Why would he throw up?"

"You're laying on his tummy and it's very full. He ate an antelope a few days ago."

I found this statement completely delightful, so I relented and started to give him back the blanket. As I handed it to him he asked me, "Do you know what antelope tastes like?"

Of course, I went for the easy joke, knowing full well he wouldn't get it.

"Does it taste like chicken?"

"No, honeydew!"

Why would antelope taste like honeydew?

"Oh, your bear blanket ate a CANTALOUPE!"

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