Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heartwrenching Conversations

The other night KosherCop told me a story that brought me to tears:

Mommy, I was playing Butler's Orchard today, but the store where I smelled all the stuff was a log cabin. And this Butler's Orchard had a REALLY BIG railroad track.
And they had oranges at Butler's Orchard...and your mother ate the oranges before she died.
It's shocking enough whenever KosherCop talks about death, but to hear him make up a story about my mother (Z''L) - the grandmother he never met - was unbearably heartwrenching.

But, suddenly, his tone changed and he sounded very mature and wise beyond his years.

But she saved one orange for you...she saved it for you so that you would have good luck.

She did? (Trying not to cry)
He was telling the story so earnestly, and with such authority, I half believed that somewhere out there was this beautiful, secret inheritance of a good luck orange.
So, where is my lucky orange?

You ate it already!

Well it must have been good luck...because I have you!

Yes, you ate the orange and it turned into a perfect baby...and then into a big boy... and that's me!
Then he looked at me with this wide-eyed, shy sort of expression and gave me a huge hug.

I wish my mother had gotten the chance to meet KosherCop. Although, sometimes when he says things like this, I wonder if maybe, somehow, she already has.



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