Monday, June 2, 2008

Casting Change

Since I started this blog I've been referring to my 4 year old son as E. and my stay-at-home-dad husband as H. This has mostly been due to an incredible lack of imagination on my part. Also to blame would be the need to just find the time post let alone worry about renaming my family.

I have decided, however, going forward, henceforth and forever more (or until I change my mind again - we'll see if the names stick) that H. will now be known as KosherCook and E. will be known as KosherCop.

Why, you may ask?

Well, KosherCook is fairly straightforward. H. is a great cook and enjoys it. We joke about how he has spoiled me for restaurants - since we don't eat meat out unless its a kosher restaurant, I almost never enjoy what I eat out as much as what he cooks. I have to mention that we did actually just eat out tonight in a wonderful new kosher restaurant and enjoyed a meat meal complete with dessert. It was quite a treat! (Thanks Z. and Happy Birthday to my MIL). If you live in the Metro DC area check out The Pomegranate Bistro in Potomac.

Now KosherCop - I could have gone with the more obvious KosherKid, but I just can't ignore E.'s vociferous belief that the whole world should be kosher and absent that he will be the human alarm that keeps any and all safe from trayf.

Take the Applebee's incident, for example.

A few weeks ago we took the long way home from a friend's birthday party (45 minutes up county and down again instead of the 15 min straight home) and found ourselves sitting in an Applebee's - much to my dismay. KosherCop needed the potty and once there he and KosherCook decided they were starving. KosherCop was intrigued when he discovered what restaurant he was in. Thanks to his recent habit of sneaking quietly into the livingroom and watching TV before we wake up in the morning - and doesn't know how to change the channel to PBS - he has seen all sorts of commercials he's never seen before. (I know - can you say V-chip?). He then proceeded to explain in great detail an Applebee's commercial in which they were advertising a shrimp dish. KosherCop was very concerned that being there, he was going to have to eat shrimp. We explained that of course we would get something vegetarian - definitely not shrimp.

But he couldn't let it go. He watched plate after plate o' shrimp being brought to the tables around us and with each loudly announced that shrimp wasn't kosher and we weren't going to eat shrimp. And as his annoyance mounted, he finally decided that no one should be eating the infernal crustaceans, "I wish all these people weren't eating shrimp. We don't eat shrimp. Shrimp isn't kosher!"

And there you have it. KosherCop.

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