Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Box of Matzah and Counting

Chag Sameach!

So it's 1:17 am on the third day of Pesach. I have already practically finished the Temptee cream cheese and I have eaten the better part of a box of Matzah today (it's hard to know how much was in the box to begin with since we have about 10 open boxes floating around - but it was mostly full.)

Other than that, this holiday is going rather well. My father arrived despite a full day of airline delays on Wednesday. Despite the usual last minute stress and aggravation, H.'s annual community seder (150 - 600 of our closest friends depending on the day of the week the Seder falls on - this year it was around 150) went off without a hitch. In fact, it was downright delightful. But only because E. was such a sweetheart all evening.

I'm not really sure what has happened to our child, in fact. Over the last week he has undergone some giant developmental leap that includes reasoned arguments, scintillating conversation, excellent behavior, and a willingness to be helpful that, quite frankly, I didn't think I'd see until his mid-thirties. The great public unveiling of this new and improved E. included the discovery that our son had, just as he had insisted, learned all of the Four Questions and was more than ready to stand up on a stage and sing them into a microphone. If that wasn't enough (no pun intended) he was the only volunteer to get up and sing Dayeinu as well. He didn't get cranky or hyper (his Uncle Z's mere presence usual whips him up into a frenzy), but instead acted as the gracious host and offered people food and then decided his job was to go around and see if people were done eating and clear their plates if they were. I don't think I really experienced "kvelling" or "nachus" until that night - I was so proud of him.

Unfortunately, because he went to bed at midnight the first night, he was pretty cranky by the time our families and friends arrived for the second Seder. But, to be fair, E. did basically reserve the right not to be quite that well behaved all of the time. He kept saying, "Sometimes I behave, but sometimes I'm still naughty." Smart kid - don't let those high expectations get in the way of your fun.

Now, however, my short vacation is over and I must return to work. Working during Passover is so much fun. I love answering 10,000 questions all week about what I'm eating - or not eating. This week will be even more fun, since I have a "lunch" meeting on Thursday. They will not be ordering in KLP food - I checked.

My going back to work tomorrow also brings up the point that this blog was actually created for: to discuss the particular trials (and joys) of being a working Jewish Mom while my husband stays at home with the kid. While I go back to work tomorrow, H. will be starting a week of fun-filled, action-packed activities with E. and some of his school friends and their Moms. Since his school is closed all week, they planned a whole bunch of terrific playdates and daytrips - tomorrow is the zoo.

Now, I have been trying to get us to the zoo for 3 years and H. always has an excuse why it isn't a good day to go. So, now E. will be going for the first time since he can talk and I will miss it. These are the times I get really upset about our situation. And what is even more frustrating is that H. either doesn't see these activities as all that much fun, or is unapologetic about my missing them.

Well, perhaps this will pave the way for more and frequent outings to the zoo. Here's hoping everything goes smoothly and H. wants to go back again soon - with me included.

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