Sunday, December 2, 2007

Grounds for Divorce

My Dearest Joe,
I've known you for so long - I can't believe it is ending this way.

Do you remember how we first met? My father introduced us over breakfast one morning. I'm not even sure what you were doing in our house, but there you were. I didn't like you at first - you were dark and bitter, as if you had been burned by some uncaring, neglectful soul. I was so young then, but eventually I came to appreciate your charms.

In the beginning we were just together occasionally - a night out with a bunch of friends every once in a while. But soon I was waking up with you every morning. Even now I can still feel that first moment you'd touch my lips every day - how you made my heart race!

It's been years now. You grew so strong and sophisticated as we got older. Maybe I didn't keep up with you. But in the end you turned on me. Your betrayal was like a dagger in my gut, leaving me crying on the bathroom floor for days. Eventually even the doctor said what you were doing to me was no good - you'd have to go.

Now that I've filtered you out of my life, I can finally sleep at night again. But I still miss you. I stand now in my sunlit kitchen looking at your abandoned things - your empty mug brings tears to my eyes even now. I know there will be days when I'll see you around, and I'm sure the sight of someone else's lips on you will drive me to distraction.

But for now I'm moving on. I just boiled some water and I'm going to sit down with a hot steaming drink, in your mug, and dream about the future.

So long Mr. Coffee. I'm drinking tea now.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of tea!!! Enjoyed your very clever and amusing tale of love and betrayal (smile)... You won't be sorry, really! Tea is excellent in every way. I have never had a cup of coffee, so my choice of tea was pure preference, but, since I now am in the tea trade as a profession, I am totally thrilled to see another "convert" join our throng! Welcome, welcome, welcome!
    Taking tea seriously, Cathy

  2. Hi Cathy. Welcome! Thanks for your enthusiastic encouragement.

  3. You should consider "writing" as an additional source of income. I truly enjoyed "Grounds....."

  4. ROFLMAO - welcome to the tea drinking side of the world. Maybe you can still flirt with Joe now and then ...



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