Sunday, November 25, 2007

Shabbat in a Box

Being sick stinks.

I've been sick for 9 days now. 9 DAYS! This is ridiculous.

At least on Friday I finally reached a doctor who could start to help me. He sent me for a lab test and prescribed some medication. So I spent the better part of the day Friday running back and forth to the hospital lab and pharmacy. It didn't leave much time for preparing for Shabbat.

On a related note, in a spectacular bid of solidarity, H. drank a cup of coffee and spent the rest of the day in as much gastrointestinal distress as I was. So he wasn't able to do much in the way of cooking or cleaning either.

This left me with the challenge of somehow coming up with at least dinner. I stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home and picked up the only thing I could think of that wouldn't bother anyone's stomach and would be something E. would eat too: frozen potato latkes.

Feeling like my Mother-of-the-Year award was slipping out of sight, I told the boys that this was "Get in the Mood for Hanukkah Kick-Off Shabbat" and that I was finally going to grant E.'s request for a dinner of "beans, beans, beans" (this is one 4 year old who loves his beans!). So dinner was potato latkes and applesauce with three bean salad - made with 3 different cans of beans, leftover pasta, and Italian dressing - ooh la la - tres gourmet. Maybe not so great, but with a white lace tablecloth and fresh flowers it still felt like Shabbat.

This morning was pretty lame too.

We were all under the weather, so no Synagogue (again). But we rallied in the afternoon and had some fun playing games together. (E. is becoming quite adept at Go Fish.) And I realized that we had the game "Ropes and Ladders" in our basement. (This was Parker Brothers answer to "Chutes and Ladders," but with a Pirate theme! Terrific 1950's graphics.)

E. and I also made up a few new ones that we got a good half-hour of entertainment out of: talk really slow, talk really fast, and I'm hu-u-u-ngry-y... This game is sheer genius. E. sits on my lap and whines "I'm hungry" until I pretend to feed him. Then he whines "I'm full" and it's my turn. You can't buy fun like that. The really hilarious thing was that about 15 minutes after we stopped playing and E. had a big snack, he walks over to me and whines, "I'm hu-u-u-ngry-y..." I start getting annoyed because he just ate and said he was full, when I realize what he is doing.

"Oh, that's funny,. I get it - you're playing the game."

"What game, Mommy?"

[Insert visual of hand slapping forehead here]

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  1. Strange, I've never thought of a gastro virus as being funny, but you've done it for me chicka! ;)

    I hope everyone's well soon.




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