Monday, November 12, 2007

Seven Years, No Itching

If I ever need to be reminded that H. and I belong together, I need to look no further than our medicine cabinet.

Yesterday was our 7th wedding anniversary.

We're not very good at making plans to go out in time to get a babysitter, plus H. has been sick so we never made it out to celebrate on Saturday night.

We also have no set ritual for gift-giving. H. always gets me a card. Sometimes one or both of us gives a gift. Sometimes there are flowers, often a special dinner is cooked. (Not by me).

In recent years we typically feel too poor for giving gifts, but this year we each bought one.

The traditional gift for a seventh anniversary is copper or wool, so I bought H. a really comfy pair of shearling-lined slippers - very manly, yet cozy.

H. bought me the perfect gift. Small, inexpensive, utilitarian, and absolutely hilarious:

That's right. Anti-itch cream.

It doesn't say so on the package, but it is guaranteed to prevent Seven Year Itch.

I love my husband! He's the one for me.


  1. Do you apply the anti-itch cream
    before or after the itch??

  2. Oh that cracked me up!

    Ali aka Housebug on Brocante

  3. Hi Rumpole! Thanks for stopping by to read the anniversary post. I'll talk to you soon.

    Ali, I'm glad you enjoyed my husband's sense of humor! He is quite the goofball and I wouldn't have it any other way!



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