Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Hot Babe and a Salad

A few evenings ago, our 3 and half year old son, Henry, spent a blissful hour curled up with Leo, looking up pictures of superheroes on the computer. This is Henry's favorite new pasttime, much to the delight of Leo, a longtime comics enthusiast and collector.

Eventually I was able to pry Henry away and get him into his bath. After playing for awhile he started asking me questions about the superheroes they had been looking at. I quickly gave him my standard answer - Mommy doesn't know anything about superheroes - you have to ask Daddy.

"Oh, I'll tell you about them then. There's Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman..."

He went on for awhile as my eyes started to glaze over, until I caught something...

"There's Hotgirl - she has rings. There's the Red Tarmato..."

I stopped him and asked if I'd heard him right. Hotgirl? Was this something Daddy showed him? She has rings? And the Red TARmato? Do you mean TOmato?

Yes, Hotgirl...rings... Red Tomato. All correct.

By now I'm picturing a Super Supermodel whose special power is the ability to accessorize in a single bound...and a giant tomato in a cape. I'm still trying to get a handle on these bizarre characters, pumping Henry for more details while simultaneously working up a good froth at Leo for having shown our son something called Hotgirl.

Suddenly, Leo passes by the bathroom and calls in, "It's Hawkgirl. She has wings. And it's the Red Tornado!"

Too bad. I would have totally loved to read about Hotgirl and the Red Tomato.

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