Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Thanks...I Think I'm Lactose Intolerant

Oh Dear! Martha Stewart and Michaels have joined forces!

I briefly checked out some of the products in the store the other day - she has at least 2 aisles of paper-crafts. I haven't figured out yet what they got rid of to make room for it all. Hopefully, not something I wanted.

The products are of course very pretty and nicely packaged - they seem to be kits that allow you to make "Good Things."

However, I've been trying to put my finger on exactly what I find so distressing about this (aside from the fact that I mentioned in my Queen of Schluburbia that Michaels and Martha Stewart are two institutions to which I gravitate, yet find repugnant and are now in league together).

After all, I love the way those "Good Things" look in her magazine. But it's sort of like seeing a really interesting article about an American cheese sandwich on white bread. The writing may make it sound like the most delicious food on earth, and the graphics and photography may elevate that sandwich to mythological proportions. I might even begin to crave that cheese sandwich. But if one day I walked into my local supermarket to find they had replaced the Kosher and Organic food aisles with row after row of cheese sandwiches, I'd have to say "This is NOT a 'Good Thing'."

So there you have it: Martha Stewart paper crafts at Michaels are like a supermarket full of American cheese on white bread sandwiches.

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