Friday, July 17, 2009

Fiction Friday: The Alien Story

Over the past several months, KosherCop has become quite the creative writer. He can't technically "write" yet, though, so this translates into a lot of dictation for us me. This time, though, I got lucky and his teacher at camp had to do the writing.

The first few weeks of camp they were doing projects related to outer space, and one of the projects was to write a story about an alien.

KosherCop is very particular about where his secretary is allowed to write the words to the story - which happens after the he draws the picture. So I feel fairly confident that he decided where the words were written on this story.

Pretty nice composition for a 5 year old, no?

Anyway, without further ado, I give you KosherCop's Alien Story:

The alien is on Jupiter.

A rocket comes and he says, "Oh no! People are going to find out that I really exist."

He turns invisible. Then the rocket lands right on him. The alien says, "Ugh!" Then he slowly crawls out from the rocket.

He goes into his house. He looks out the window. He sees that the men are getting out.

Then they turn off the fire in the rocket. They say, "We have to see if aliens exist."

The alien got all his friends and they discussed a plan.

They worked on some kind of potion. When no one was looking they poured the potion on the rocket.

Instead of the rocket going back to Earth, it blew up.

Then the men found materials to make a new rocket. Then they blasted off.

But they didn't know that one alien took a picture of one of the men. In the picture there was another person, but when the alien took the picture he was invisible.

It was not an alien. It was a ghost.

The End.

I don't know about you, but I loved the surprise ending. Who would have guessed? A Ghost!

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