Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jewish Living Magazine: The Final Update

So in the end it really didn't matter whether I subscribed to Jewish Living Magazine or not.

Blame it on the financial crisis - apparently they shut their doors at the end of September due to their investors stopping their funding.

Here is the email I received a couple of days after they shut down:

Dear Jewish Living Subscribers -

Over the last few days we have been overwhelmed and gratified by the thousands of emails we've received from you expressing your deep disappointment at the suspension of publication. We share your disappointment and want to let you know that we did everything in our power to continue publication.

As of this past Sunday night there was no reason to think we were going to suspend publication. We had been operating in good faith and were about to go to press with our Nov/Dec issue.

Given recent market freefall combined with current economic conditions, our investors informed us on Monday morning (Sept 27th) that they would no longer continue funding the magazine. We immediately informed our staff, our subscribers and our suppliers.

That said, we deeply regret the situation we all find ourselves in. As we were a stand alone publication, the staff and principals of Jewish Living will now be starting the new year looking for other employment. We are also aware and very sympathetic to the fact that many loyal subscribers had recently
renewed their subscriptions and new subscribers have come on board. Recently received credit card + check payment orders have not been processed.

We are making every effort - as is customary when magazines fail - to ensure that subscribers will receive a replacement magazine subscription to a comparable publication.

Thank you again for subscribing, for sharing the vision with us and - for a short time - for celebrating under the big tent of Jewish Living.


Dan Zimerman
Jewish Living magazine

Well at least we know no one was exaggerating about how businesses would start to fail.


  1. Hi!

    I just found your blog.

    And, it's a wonderful blog. I am learning about my jewish heritage and your blog is a great tool to study what I have learned, with subjects like holidays.

    Thank you so much for creating a nice place to visit.


  2. Welcome, Melissa - So glad you found us!



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