Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still Waiting

Not since the day Van Gogh's girlfriend received something unsettling in her mailbox, has such a fuss been made over an ear.

KosherCop woke up yesterday with his ear all red. I didn't give it much thought since they often get red from him sleeping on them or if they get warm. But when I got home from work I noticed that not only was it still red, but it also was all scratched up and weepy. Yuch!!

Both KosherCop and KosherCook told me not to worry - it was just sunburned. How the heck does the inside of your ear get sunburned when the outside isn't even red?

I'm not buying this sunburn idea - I'm thinking infection. And I'm getting more and more upset about how bad his ear looks, but KosherCop assures me, "It's okay Mommy, it's not loose or anything." (You know - in case I had been concerned that it was going to fall off?!!)

Finally, I figured if the boy wasn't bothered by it, I'd see if he could fall asleep and, if necessary, take him to the doctor in the morning. Because supposedly children will let you know if they have a horrible painful ear infection by, I don't know, screaming and crying.

Of course all of this deliberation was out loud in front of KosherCop. So not 10 seconds after being tucked in, he comes out of his room insisting that he needs to go to Urgent Care. Now KosherCook, already riled up because I suggested that perhaps his medical degree got lost in the mail, really lost it. Because obviously I had planted this germ of an idea in our son's head.

So, I used the chocolate test. Are you familiar with this? This is the standard by which we ferret out all forms of "faking": "If you could have a chocolate popsicle would you still need to go the doctor?"

The answer was yes so off we went.

Well, guess what? KosherCop's ear was infected. Not an ear infection, but a skin infection that happened to be on his ear. The doctor even said, "It isn't sunburned." It would require a week of antibiotics and couldn't get wet for 24 hours.

So I went home and waited for my apology. What I got was this:
KosherCook: I still think it could have waited until morning.
Me: He has an infection called Cellulitis. He has to take antibiotics.
KosherCook: But it could have waited until morning right?
Me: No, the doctor said he needed to start the medicine tonight.
KosherCook: But nothing would have happened if we waited until tomorrow.
Me: Well, she did mention that after giving him his medicine tonight we still need to watch his ear to make sure it doesn't double in size or start oozing pus (Ew!)
KosherCook: I doubt that would happen. I'm sure it wouldn't double in size before tomorrow morning.
Me: I'm going online to look up Cellulitis.
10 minutes later I read to him how it's a rapidly spreading infection that can lead to complications including death.

Okay. I guess it was a good call. Your were being a good vigilant Mom.

Right sentiment, but not quite the words I longed to hear.

There have only been 2 times in our marriage that I have been right. That isn't counting all of the times I have actually been right - just the occasions that KosherCook has said the words, "You're right; I was wrong." I was hoping last night was going to make it 3, but I missed by a nose - or should I say - an ear.


  1. Chaya - before commenting I wanted to confirm w/my sister-in-law. And I was right! I'd never heard of this Cellulitis before but she and I were at a lady's mtg last Saturday where one of the women had the "condition" on the tip of her nose! She has no idea how she contracted it but immediately started anti's to get rid of it (her pharmacist actually had it, too, and it took 4 wks to clear up completely). After reading your blog entry I thought, how strange...never heard of it and then two cases in 1 week. I hope KoscherCop is feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks - KosherCop's ear is looking a lot better, although we are still enjoying the drama of the "taking of the medicine." It takes about 15 minutes for him to finish a tsp. of liquid, involving alternating sips of meds and a drink and ending with a popsicle. Thank G-d for popsicles.

    That is really strange about the other case - on the tip of the nose. If it looked anything like his ear - Yeesh!

  3. hey - it is a male thing. Getting confirmation that you are right happens every leap year, so I think you are on target to have two so far since you married.
    Mother's instinct is right 9 out of 10 times!!!

  4. Hi Beth!
    But this WAS a leap year! That means I have to wait another 4 years?! Oh well - at least his ear didn't fall off.



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