Monday, March 24, 2008

Eau de Kid

Sometimes kids say the craziest things.

If you are really lucky your kid will wait until you have company - an audience that can truly appreciate your child's moment of insanity.

Yesterday we had our friend and her son - one of E.'s school friends - over for Shabbat lunch. E. had been hocking us from the minute they arrived to go to the park. We told him repeatedly it was too cold and wet.

Sometime around 4pm he burst into the diningroom:

"I'm gonna die in here! I have to get outside and get fresh air! I need to run around outside and be fragrant!"

It took a good five minutes to stop laughing. We figure he gets his unusual command of the English language from his Aunt C. - H.'s sister - who famously used this sentence on a vocabulary test as a child: "The day was so ardent, people fainted in the street."


  1. Hello Chaya!
    My first smile of the day thanks to you and your sweet son! (also loved the arduous quote too) Words can be amazing, again, thanks for sharing

  2. Actually, H. just informed me that I misquoted his sister - the day was apparently so "ardent" - which is even funnier. I just fixed it in the post.



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