Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mama Don't Cook

There are some days that I am able to step back and see my life as others might, and feel very proud.

Here we are, my husband and I, with our roles almost completely reversed. He's at home with our 3 1/2 year old son, *Henry, taking him to and from school, trading war stories with the other moms, doing the grocery shopping and the cooking. I go off to work every day, support us financially, and manage the finances.

Just think what an open mind our son will have! He will grow up without a trace of sexism, knowing that men and women are both equally capable of doing pretty much anything.

This is what I was thinking about the other day, smiling to myself while absentmindedly stirring a pan of scrambled eggs. *Leo had stepped away from the stove for a minute and the kitchen fan was off so I didn't want them to burn.

Suddenly *Henry bursts into the kitchen, takes one look at me and exclaims, "What are you doing?! Ladies don't cook! Only men cook!"

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